Zalakaros City

There are several ways to spend the holiday active in Zalakaros. It depends on your interest. Besides the experience of having a bath there are many possibilities for a healthy vacation.  In the sports centre, which is situated in the middle of the town, there are tennis courts, football fields, handball courts and a basketball court, as well as an athletics field. These sports grounds are free to rent.  Spend your time outside! Take a pleasant walk in the town, which is full of beautiful, flowery, green parks and squares. If you like hiking, you find many walking paths, cycle routes around the town.

In the close villages you can try different kinds of free-time activities, for example horse-riding, cycling, fishing or hunting. Zalakaros is also close to Lake Small Balaton and Kányavár Island, a natural conservation area and the buffalo reserve in Kápolnapuszta. You can visit the Small Balaton House and the ruins of a cathedral in Zalavár. These trips can be easily done by bike.

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